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Default G210 & VDPAU = Random freezes of Xorg


My computer is mainly use for video watching as HTPC. OS is ubuntu up-to-date & i use VDR.
I have 3 DVB cards : 2 DVB-S2 & 1 DVB-T.
Since i changed my graphic card from 8400GS to G210, i have random freezes of xorg. I can access my system through ssh. When the system freezes, "top" through ssh shows xorg using 100% of CPU. It happens whatever driver version i use, but seems more stable with beta 270.26.

I've remarked that the G210 shares IRQ with one of my DVB-S2 card.

16:    4149083         85   IO-APIC-fasteoi   uhci_hcd:usb3, saa7146 (0), nvidia
I've attach a bug report generated just after the system freeze.

Thx for your help...
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