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Default Re: GT430 + 260.19.21 + VDPAU = artifacts

Originally Posted by jafar View Post
I've been seeing exactly this issue with VDPAU for months: about a day and a half after reboot, white or colored sparkles appear to "shine though" black regions, and/or artifacts, always with tearing. Can happen in myth or mplayer.

Here's a clue I stumbled upon by accident: once, when this issue occurred after the normal day and a half, I noticed that I could see the video over my VNC session, which I believe has always been invisible to VNC servers when using VDPAU. I was using x11vnc to serve and Remmina to view.

EDIT: I'm on a Geforce 210.
Same geforce card, same problem here with 260.44. I recently switch to 270.26. I'll look further if there still are artefacts.

edit : composite is off in xorg.conf to prevent tearing.
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