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Originally Posted by Burnt_Ram View Post
nHancer is abandon ware, never to be supported again i dont think ... however, Nvidia Inspector works good. check it out ...
Hi, to anyone that has problems running nhancer with windows 7. My particular problem was that as soon I went from Vista to Windows 7 all I could get from nhancer was the logo.....and nothing else. I fixed my problem by simply a)- Downloading and installing an old nvidia driver, version 186.18 (I have a GeForce 9600 GT) that is known to really work with nhancer. Openup nhancer, it will do so without any problems, and just leave as it is on your screen).b)-Go to nvidia website, it has been improved immensely, and download the latest driver ( 260.99). Nvidia will ask you to let them replace the old driver(186.18) with version 260.99. It worked for not ask me just worked!!! It might not do anything for you'll never know if you do not try. Good Luck
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