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Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
You have a partially valid point but I think it's more of an honor thing, a standards thing. My POV is if it's not worth me buying it then it's not worth my time invested playing it. If it is worth the time invested in playing it, then it's worth my money. If I don't agree with the current price, I'll wait till it drops to what I believe it should be.

I can't understand the logic- time is far more valuable than money. So a pirate says a game is worthy of their immensley valuable time to play a game, but not worth their money?

Honestly the whole argument of "pirating because it's not worth buying" is nothing more than a lame excuse and an attempt to justify stealing. How can it not be worth the less valuable thing (money) but worth the more valuable thing (time)? The logic does not add up.

Sure, some might say time isn't more valuable then money. To those I'll say they're ignorant and irresponsible and that they do not have their priorities straight.

In which case this could quickly turn into a morality debate but in the end it stands true that such rationale as "it's not worth my money so I pirate it" is nothing more than a feeble attempt to justify and make right and act which by it's very nature is wrong in it's entirety.

Not worth your money? Then it most certainly isn't worth your valuable and precious time- thus do not play it at all.

Well said.

What really pisses me off is the fact that Crytek has the ability to make a great sequel to a great pc game, but instead chose to cash in on the colsole market by dummying down the game graghically to play on 5yr old consoles.

Sell out plain and simple.

I think I'll hold off on my purchase as well until I'm satisfied it's patched accordlingly.

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