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Default Re: HTC Droid Eris


So I have settled on the best settings for speed and stability.

JIT turned out to cause lag and seemed to run slower than without it. The JIT Compiler is really designed for 2.2 and above so 2.1 isn't really suppsed to use it.

Next, I set the min CPU to 122800. 19mhz would cause some notifications to be missed until I turned the screen on and with a prego wifey - I can't miss anything.

I also use the vmheapsize at 48mb. It has the cnage to slow down multitasking, but I don't do that on my phone so giving apps more room is fine with me.

The max CPU is set to 768000. I tried a few higher ones and it would instantly freeze my phone. Turns out that 768000 is what my phone can handle but every phone is different. I have seen some go up to 806.

So, in all, I am using xtrSense, CPU 122800/768000 with JIT off and vmheapsize 48mb.

I will do a write up of 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 on the Eris in a few days.
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