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It's good to know TVout can work

I've just done a quick search on these archives. tvout & xf86config doesn't turn anything up, while twinview & xf86config doesn't get me far.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Before I spend more time on this, will it give me the ability to have cloned output on the tv at the same time as the monitor, with the monitor at an independant resolution/refresh?

Any chance it also lets you direct replayed video to the tv in full screen mode, whilst the desktop remains useable for other purposes?

That's what I get from the MX440's nView under Windows. Thanks for any help or feedback.

Incidentally, I notice my 'attached' config didn't turn up (I think); not sure what I did wrong. Will try again later if it would help with the other questions (I'm posting this from a different machine so don't have it available atm).
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