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Wink Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
Thanks for the info.

Unfortunately, there are videos on youtube to prove the issue. This problem is very real, regardless of what you may think.

That statement alone is enough to make me discredit this article. Insinuating such a practice is unprofessional by a review site. If you're going to make such an accusation, have good hard evidence to back it up. In this case, there is no evidence of foul play, and therefore, there is no reason to believe that AMD is behind this messy rumor. The death of several GTX 590s so far is, well and truly, Nvidia's fault, and as such, the consumers have every right to balk about it.

Also, the fact that this happened early is not a good sign. It means that if somebody screws up a driver release, just one time, a few GTX 590's will go up in smoke. That's a scary thought for me. It simply proves that improper software can KILL your $700 video card. Does that mean some devious little code monkey on the internet can write a virus that will result in the same outcome as nvidia's botched drivers? I'm no programmer, but if Nvidia can do it accidentally, I would bet that someone out there is smart enough to do it intentionally.

All I know is I won't be recommending the GTX 590 for any reason. The risk, while low, is still there, and that is enough for me to dismiss the card completely. Remember, this isn't the first time that Nvidia has bricked their cards due to a botched driver.

I'm sounding a lot like an AMD fanboy, I know. I don't usually pick sides, but this issue with the GTX 590 is making me a little angry. It would have been passable if the issue had only happened on one card and was the result of a minor hardware defect. Mistakes happen, and computer hardware is far from perfect (I've had to RMA 7 different parts over the last 4 years.) AMD is also imperfect, as my 5870 just got back from RMA. But seriously, Nvidia REALLY needs to get the quality of their drivers under control. AMD may write a few bad drivers that have performance issues, but NONE of them have ever bricked their cards. Nvidia now has 2 drivers floating around on the internet that kill cards. Personally, I'm very unhappy about this.
the HD 6990 died on us. At the time of it's demise the card was set at the stock 830MHz setting and the BIOS switch was in the default position. The fact that it died could have been that we tested the graphics card at both the 375W and 450W settings, but since the review we have left the settings at default level.

Presently this leaves Neoseeker without a HD 6990 for future testing. AMD will not warranty the card so we are left with no choice but to reach out to their partners to see if we can get a sample.
Apparently the 6990 has some issues surviving the overvolting switch ATi put on the card, but will void your warranty for using.

As far as Scott Wasson goes, check out his blog on the site in regard to the GTX480. Back then I was the "corporate influence" he was referring to on the forums, he ended up banning me from his forums. He didn't ban me for violating TOS, he banned me for my association with NVIDIA. Point being Wasson isn't a NVIDIA fanboy out to make them look good at any cost, he says and does plenty I disagree with. However, I've always thought Tech Report was one of the best review sites on the web.

Here's his "anti ATi" conclusion in the 6990 review:

Of course, both of these changes benefit the Radeon HD 6990, which has no equal in a single-card package. This is the planet's fastest single video card, supplanting the Radeon HD 5970 that came before it.
At present, in the suite of games we tested, AMD looks to have a performance advantage at several key price points.
In short, I don't think Wasson is working on NVIDIA's behalf as you imply.

Last, NVIDIA has literally sold 1000s of GTX590s. They're selling out at vendors like newegg as fast as they can be supplied. Yes, a handful of reviewers managed to destroy their review copy with pre-release drivers and high levels of overvolting. I just linked to a reviewer who apparently destroyed their 6990 by overvolting it. It's a fact of life cards can be damaged by running more power through them than they are designed for. That's why AMD vendors don't warranty card the AUSUM switch has been used on.
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