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Default Re: MSI GTX 580 twin frozer II

Originally Posted by HiCZoK4 View Post
hell thats nice. But I would get Asus DirectCUII model If I were You. They are quiet and very fast. I might get one this summer
Thats more expensive and has features i don't really need like bios switching etc plus the fact that it is a 3 slot sollution (would interfeer with the soundcard).

Msi is releasing their version called N580GTX lightning that's also aimed at the overclocker , with independant voltage control, military spec hardware and a redesigned pcb etc etc. That has already hit 1050 mhz on the gpu (834 mhz standard) with stock cooling but as i said it isn't anything i'm interested in. I have an older quad and tbh there isn't much point in getting a even more overclockable gfx card without a 4ghz+ cpu imo.,3.html
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