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Default Re: HDMI output problems

Originally Posted by coolbooks2 View Post
I have the same problem as you with my 8200m G card in my Hp G60 pc. However in my case the hdmi output works on first boot. If Xorg restarts for any reason (ie. logout) the hdmi output is gone. All I get is a blank screen. This happens in both Windows 7 and Linux with the latest drivers. This includes the beta driver on linux.
If I reboot the hdmi output comes back but this is a real pain. It means anytime I want to output to my tv I have to reboot the computer. It would be nice if this could be fixed.
can you read and generate a good report with the debug ( -logverbose 6 ) info as instructed after the issue appears ( blindly switch to a VT, log in, run ) ?
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