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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
I spoke with some friends at the Fukushima plant and they said the reactors were actually powered by 590's.

This still isn't comparable to the whine of a screaming Radeon HD 6990

The GTX 590 simply embarrasses the 6990 here; itís not even a contest. Make no mistake: 57.9dB is not a quiet card; weíre still looking at a dual-GPU monster, but itís not the roaring monster that the 6990 is.
(notice how the 6990 is a whopping 6db louder than the GTX480 ATi fans spent last year complaining about in this link?)

The GTX 590's cooler is vastly quieter than the boisterous blower on the Radeon HD 6990.,2898-19.html


Nevertheless, in a comparison between GeForce GTX 590 versus Radeon HD 6990, Nvidia wins.

And it wins because I can put a GeForce GTX 590 in my workstation, which doubles as my gaming machine, and not hear it. Itís quiet enough to use. And thatís a requisite.

My guess is this is why the 590s are selling out and the 6990s gather dust, beyond the comparable performance and far superior feature set anyway.
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