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Well Venturi I share your dissapointment somewhat, regarding the Aquamark score. My best score so far is 57546 with a Hercules R9800XT @ 506/439 Mhz, and a P4 @ ~4.1 Ghz. That leaves me around 10.000 points behind the fastest systems.

So we're both around 10.000 points short of the leaders. Given the moderate rise in score I get from overclocking the gfx card, I fail to see how someone clocking a "mere" 40-50 Mhz more on the core of the videocard can score 10.000 more points than either of us.

I'm sure somebody knows some tweaks you and I don't though. I can't think of any other explanation. And your 25 fps minimum isn't bad at all IMHO, mine's way down to 15.5 minimum....

You can compare here
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