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Default Re: (Need for Speed) Shift 2: Unleashed release date

No sir, I don't like it.

I loved shift 1... it is imo the best need for speed ever. The bastard child that came after it was such a total ****storm, and it makes me cry that people liked it.

So I was pretty excited to sit down with shift 2. Right off the bat I knew there was gonna be parts I didn't like...who is this faggot driver with the bad gotte? Narratives from bodiless teachers are fine.. but if you stick a celeb face into the game you have a good chance of pissing people off who don't like said celeb.

So jumping right in, I remember my first rule of thumb for shift, DON'T get frustrated on the first try! I'm no prodigy and I should expect to do badly on the first run. So after 1 or 2 presses of the retry key and I was getting first place. I do think the racing line has changed for the worse a little. It was badly tuned to the testing car and I found myself careening off the road despite being green on arrows.

So after a couple races I jump into upgraded.. uh oh... I shat you not, there are like 20-30 upgrade options for performance... with each section (exhaust for example) having 3. I'm sorry.. that's just to damn many when they all do the same damn thing! Any racing game where you spend more time in the tuning section then on the race track is not a racing game, its a tuning game!

So I grabbed some top speed boost and tire upgrades for handling. Next race up, my first night race. Already I notice what usually happens after I upgrade, I have jumped ahead of my peers and take a significant lead. Clean lap, lead for a lap go by, and I just turn in for the 3rd and I think final lap when all of a sudden fckn knight rider, I'm sorry, one of the computer opponents, shoots by me and I have no way in hell of catching up.. his top speed has doubled.

buh wha?! This is the awesomley skillful AI put into this new game? pfft.. you can keep it! I ran the race twice to cancel out a fluke.. no fluke. Approaching the finish line on the 2nd lap I saw this one dot quickly creepe on me and blast past me going into the 3rd lap. Thats a cheaten cpu!
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