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Default Re: (Need for Speed) Shift 2: Unleashed release date

It runs great at 5760x1080 with all options maxed. Still can't tell if high AA really does much at all though. There are a few strange bugs though. The rear view mirror on the Lotus is glitched in that it doesn't display a reflection at all, and is just blackened out. A few of the courses don't have a course layout image the race selection menu in Career mode, instead just having black box where the course map should be. I've also had a couple of crashes to desktop while in the car customization options

It's a lot more visceral than the previous racing game I played, GT5, and gives me a better sense of actually being in the car. But the cars are also feel alot more random in their handling, so the actual driving part feels a bit less satisfactory. Hopefully there will be a good set of mods out soon that I can try.
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