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Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
I think that I only buy from that vendor that you speak of because their warranty is better, and all other points that you make concerning that issue are irrelevant because it IS covered by the warranty. As icing on the proverbial cake, that warranty extends not only the lifetime of you owning the card, but also the lifetime of a 2nd hand owner of the card. No Nvidia vendor does that. Having personal experience on RMA's from XFX, I can honestly tell you that their service is incredible.

You don't seem to get it. This "puff of smoke" issue with the GTX 590's has people scared to purchase it. I guarantee that enthusiasts would be willing to pay MORE for a loud, but stable card, as opposed to a quiet, volatile card. The market that both vendors are selling to is the uber enthusiast market. In that market, people read reviews, forums, and editorials before they purchase. One manufacturer has a card that's powerful, albeit loud. Another manufacturer has a card that self-destructs for no reason.

If I had to buy a dual GPU solution, I'd go with the one that's not going to explode on me.
I agree XFX has a good warranty, but that didn't really answer my very direct question.

Let me re-state in hopes you'll answer this time.

If over-volting a dual GPU to OC is a "normal and reasonable" expectation, and ATi designed their part with a physical switch on the part to accomplish this, are the 7 of 8 ATi vendors who refuse to warrant the us e of the switch "strange and unreasonable"?

Or could it be XFX is the exception to the rule and has decided to make their warranty terms more generous knowing that the people who use the switch will explode their cards in disproportionate numbers and are only banking on enough people not using the switch to remain profitable on this card?

It's pretty obvious that all vendors view overvolting the cards as hazardous to their health.

You don't seem to get it.

People aren't afraid to buy this card, I have it straight from the only source who can tell us they're selling thousands of them.

Since you seem to think I'm lying for some reason, how about a gentleman's wager? Where I live, I can buy a bottle of Patron tequila or a bottle of Booker's bourbon for around $50., I'd consider either a decent bottle. Let's wager $50 that on 6/30/2011 there are more 590s listed on STEAM than 6990s you pay me $50, and your side will be if there are more 6990s on STEAM on 6/30/2011 I'll pay you $50. USD.

Not much money, but enough to buy a palatable drink in all but the wealthiest man's opinion. You have $50 worth of confidence in your stated positions, or do you just like to post FUD when it's free?
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