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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
So, you don't think that the people who ran 30% more power through their 590s after hacking the registry to disable the failsafes that protect the card ran it "outside of PCIE spec"?

How does that work? It's OK for all the ATi vendors to void your warranty for a tiny voltage increase, but if NVIDIA parts burn after a huge voltage increase they're "dangerous to own"?

Seems like a double standard to me.

I believe if the people who overvolted 590s by 30%+ overvolted 6990s by 30%+ some of them will burn up too.

The fact that Neoseeker's review card (6990) burned up after they had used the AUSUM switch would lead me in that direction.

What about the bet? You seemed anxious enough to call me a liar on the sales figures I quoted from NVIDIA, now you don't even have $50 to back your assertions? Must not even believe yourself I guess.
Hardware failures, especially in early cards, happen. a 30% jump in voltage is stupid. This is a few hundreths of a volt. Try 5% increase in voltage on the AMD cards. That will not kill them. Once again, taking the card out of PCIe spec is what we're talking about. THAT is what voids the warranty. XFX honors it though. Pure and Simple. Are you telling me that eVGA or ASUS should honor the warranty if you decide to overvolt your GTX 590 by modifying the BIOS?

Now you really have lost it. You're arguing points that are extremely unreasonable. A 30% voltage increase on any card will kill it. AMD doesn't allow you to do that. tweaking a bios to break the voltage barrier is stupid at best. You don't have to do that on the AMD card, and you can increase the performance. Yea, your warranty is going to be voided if you increase the voltage on ANY card by 30%. If you truly believe what you just said, you shouldn't be in the Nvidia focus group. You're suggesting that AMD's AUSUM switch is equatable to frying a card by overvolting it by 30%???

Also, I don't want your filthy money. I'm laughing in your face by how much that post of yours just failed. You must be getting desperate.

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