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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
So what is your explanation Redeemed? Why does only one manufacturer allow warranty on a 6990 when the AUSUM switch has been used?

Aren't ATi vendors confident in their product's ability to operate at the AUSUM settings?

Or is it more just a press stunt, a trick for reviewers to use and owners to wish they could?

Unless you're saying all the vendors other than XFX should be avoided because they have unreasonable warranties?
I think that any time you oc, regardless what it is and regardless of whether or not you up the voltage, it is dangerous and has inherit risks involved. For a company to provide a warranty on a product ran beyond spec is indeed a dangerous and risky move. I'd venture on the ATi side XFX is the only company big enough to offer such a warranty, and on the nVidia side e-VGA is the only company large enough to offer such a warranty. I'd imagine ASUS could afford it as well but opt not to as their customer service is rather poor as is and likely don't want to be out the extra money such would cost.

I'd not own either, the 6990 nor the 590, as both consume way too much power, run way too hot for my needs.

However, if I were in the market for either I'd likely be looking to water cool the card as that is silent and more than able to keep the temps in check even when oc'd.
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