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Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
I think that any time you oc, regardless what it is and regardless of whether or not you up the voltage, it is dangerous and has inherit risks involved. For a company to provide a warranty on a product ran beyond spec is indeed a dangerous and risky move. I'd venture on the ATi side XFX is the only company big enough to offer such a warranty, and on the nVidia side e-VGA is the only company large enough to offer such a warranty. I'd imagine ASUS could afford it as well but opt not to as their customer service is rather poor as is and likely don't want to be out the extra money such would cost.

I'd not own either, the 6990 nor the 590, as both consume way too much power, run way too hot for my needs.

However, if I were in the market for either I'd likely be looking to water cool the card as that is silent and more than able to keep the temps in check even when oc'd.
I agree with you 100%.

What I'm doing with you and MadPistol here is asking you leading questions, either way you answer serves my purpose.

If you answer as you did, that it's risky to OC and especially risky to OC without non standard cooling, you make people like RoadHog and Madpistol look foolish for posting links to videos made by review sites that disabled protection mechanisms and ran a lot of extra voltage through 590s as some sort of evidence 590s are unsafe and prone to blow up. (every card is prone to blow up if you disable it's protection and run a lot of extra electricity through it)

If you would have taken RoadHog, MadPistol, etc's position and said "These are enthusiast parts! It is perfectly reasonable to expect people will disablle the protection, run a lot of juice through them, and all the ATi vendors except XFX are bad vendors for not warrantying enthusiast settings!" it works for me as well. Saying all ATi vendors but one are sub par and don't cater to enthusiasts is fine with me as well.

Point being, these videos of exploding cards were made by people who deserved to have their cards explode. They ran them way above spec for power and clocks, and did not use additional cooling to accomodate their experiments.

Personally, I think the "AUSUM" switch is the equivalent of a review sample as 90% of the people who buy these cards not only risk destroying them but also will have no warranty if they do so.

Even if I had an XFX model I wouldn't switch the "AUSUM" switch. The 6990s sound like a hairdryer already and OCing them will only make that worse. I'd also hae some problem doing something I know risks the card and sending it in for replacement if it died.
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