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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by ivegotthepower View Post
Why do you waste your time arguing with Rollo ? He's a shill for nv. He'll ramble on endlessly until you give him the last word.

What else do you expect him to do ? Nvidia released a pile of garbage with the gtx 590. They haven't had the fastest graphics card on the market since the day the 5870 released. And now they have a faulty card that catches fire if you're not lucky or want to overclock at all. They released a pointless crappy card that is slower than a 6990 and is unreliable.

Now they're left to scream about gpu physx and the only 15 games that support it, 80% of which are crap. AMD does 3D now as well, so that's about all they have left. Physx and explosive gtx 590s.

Nv is in trouble. lol.
First off, creating an account to lambast Nvida pretty much puts you in the same boat as Rollo. Of course you're probably just a beard of someone who is afraid to use their real username. Either way, a first post troll is awesome!

Second, if you think that AMD's 3D is anywhere close to Nvidia's you're a moron.
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