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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
Where do you read that nvidia has sold over 1000 GTX 590 ,all I read is that nvidia has sold all it's GTX 590's in the USA ,but it does not tell the quanity of how many were sold .It would be my guess that nvidia is going to pull the GTX 590 from the market ,scared of a law suit.I don't see it doing very good unless they do some changes on it.
I don't have to read things about NVIDIA, I have direct numbers for their staff so I can call them when I have questions or need help with something.

I've been loosely associated with them for seven years. Your "guess" would be wrong about the this, they're actually very pleased with the 590.

It runs much quieter than it's competition, brings single card 3d Vision Surround to the world, has a far superior feature set, runs the cores about the same or cooler, and trades benchmarks on performance for the same price.

In short, the 590 is the card pretty much anyone would choose.

What ATi has is a link to an infrared picture from France, some FUD about some very abused cards dying a premature death, and some people starting to lose their hearing from gaming with a 6990.

BTW- I'll make you the same $50 bet that there are more 590s on STEAM survey on June 30 than 6990s, even though the 6990s had a two week head start. Are we on? Or are you just another one who wants to say "No one is buying 590s!".
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