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Default Re: DS 3D...horrible!

Originally Posted by tornadog View Post
why did I know this thread would be here soon...This forum has a major anti-nintendo bias!!! Not that I am a big fan, my only interest in the 3ds was for resale for profit opportunity but nintendo ensured this time around, they had enough in stock...
Oh stop it. I like Nintendo's products. I have a DS and a Wii. My son has a DS and DS XL. We just don't like the 3d part of the 3DS. It hurt our eyes and gave us a horrible vertigo feeling. When you turn off the 3d it is a fine product. The problem is the XL is better than the 3DS as a 2D model. So there isn't any reason to get the 3DS. In general I don't like 3D media.

I agree ninjaman. 3D media is completely annoying. A lot of people like it and if companies can make money of it, that's cool. I how ever will not buy a 3D TV. I hate wearing the classes in the theaters and have hated every glasses free screen I've seen. Some of us get vertigo really easy because we have inner-ear problems and 3D media wreaks havoc on our balance organ. It is just not for me. It looks cool but I can only handle a very limited amount of it.
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