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Default Re: DS 3D...horrible!

I love my 3DS! So far I've played SF4 and RR. Can't wait for Resident Evil later this year.

Day 1 the 3D effect took some getting used to and by the end of the day, my eyes were slightly more tired than usual (but I've not gamed on a handheld for years anyway so might have been the smaller screen). Other than that I had no problems with it.

Day 2 I found the 3D a lot easier to focus on. Either my eyes were more used to it, less tired or I got used to hold the screen better. Or all 3.

Day 3 and I have no issues with it at all. The only thing I can say is for whatever reason, I can't tolerate the 3D slider above 50% (which it does say to use as a starting point to get used to the effect in the manual) and for RR I have to turn it down to about 20% (which was mentioned in one of the reviews that they had to do it also).

Other than that, I can't wait to put some more time into it... its real easy to just pick up and put down.
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