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Lightbulb Optimus Notebook / GT335M / Asus X42jv

Hello nvidia. I have an optimus notebook and I'm trying to make discrete GPU NVidia work on linux system. We had started X-server on GPU but because it does not connected to display physically, we have a black blank screen however using SSH we can see that X works. While reading docs about Optimus technology we have found that (if we understand it right) it based on copying memory from GPU framebuffer to internal GPU intel framebuffer. So i think we are able to write a program that does it.
But we have a few problems and the questions.
1. Is this right idea?
2. At what moment of time the memory is copied? How do we know that the moment has arrived?
3. How do we know addresses of memory for copy?

Thank you NVidia. Please answer us especially if the idea is not right.
Sorry for my bad English.

Faithfully yours nik.ronin.
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