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Default Re: DS 3D...horrible!

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
I guess it should be...It's a handheld.
errr, yeah... the closest I've had to a handheld is a gaming laptop... and I'd probably pick that up and put it down if it wasn't for the fact it weighs about 3kg and has a giant power brick I have to find a socket for or the GPU won't leave 2D mode.

But I was more inferring that eg, I'm 2 races into Grand Prix mode of RR... I don't have time for the 3rd race so I just flip the lid down and stick it on the charger. When I get back tonight, I can pick it back up exactly where I left off. I love that! I guess if that's what all handhelds do then you probably just take it for granted.

More specifically to the 3DS, day 1 I was fidgeting all the time moving it closer / further, left / right trying to get comfortable so I can see the 3D effect. But now I've used it so much I can just flip it open and hold it in the perfect position for me.
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