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Default Re: Freeze on X startup (Quadro FX 880M)

So, I am "solving" this by installing Debian Stable and, of course, the NVIDIA driver. In this way, I will only have to deal with upgrading once in two years ;-)

@ Artem:

When it's frozen, keyboard input doesn't work at all --- no Ctrl+Alt+Fx. I know that trying to SSH into it, e.g. to attach gdb to X, would have been a good idea, but I didn't have a spare machine; would have tried that at some point.

@ Ledoc:

Having tried 270.30 from that 'frickelplatz' repo that AptoSid people recommend, as well as the debian/sid package for 260.19.44, I doubt that 270.30 from experimental would suddenly solve my problem. It looks more like an issue with the X server (given that that's the only thing I haven't been able to change) and Debian doesn't support downgrading, so I'm stuck.

Again, fixing this by moving to debian/stable + nvidia.

Btw thanks for your help :-)
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