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Yea this is for home. What's nice about PFsense is that it is VM compatible so you can mess around with it in a virtual machine if you'd like. The hardware requirements are also so low that if you have any type of spare pc lying around it will probably run it.

While doing a little more research I also came up with 2 more things to add. If you goto firewall > traffic shaper you can do layer 7 filtering. (Layer 7 is the application layer, or the highest layer of the OSI model)

Here is an example of an easy way to filter out bittorrent traffic. This doesn't require traffic to be a a specific port to work, this will find any torrent traffic and block it. There are lots of other things in the list even including a few games like WoW.

I'd add to the list of packages HAVP which is an http antivirus client using ClamAV. It will scan files as they are streamed through the firewall.
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