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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 reaches 112 degrees C

Originally Posted by jcrox View Post
Personally, I still don't understand why they ship these cards with mediocre reference design coolers. It's like buying a Ferrari with $40 tires on it to save a few bucks.

If you purchase one of these cards and know anything about PC hardware you have to know that you're going to get high temps unless you replace the reference cooler.

If you can't afford a Ferrari unless you go with the $40 tires, don't complain about the handling.

If you can't afford to put something other than the reference cooling solution on one of these cards, don't complain about the temperatures.
The reference coolers are not mediocre at all on these cards. There is only so much they can do when you need to dissipate 350W of power. In the OPs scenario it wouldn't really matter which cooler is on the card as it's recirculating warm air inside the case. I bet if you took the reference cooler and stuck a duct between the fan and the side panel the cards temps would drop.
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