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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Do you have a link to notice of the fix? Reason I ask is I came across someone mentioning it in a 590 review, which obviously didn't happen "long ago".

Also, when I Google "ATi AF bug fixed" and "ATi AF bug" I don't come up with new articles.

Verify please, it would be unfortunate if someone bought an ATi card and had to watch textures crawl due to undersampling like all the other ATi customers have been doing.

Personally I think ATi did this to make the 6870 look better than it is for reviews.
It wasn't due to undersampling, or rather it was due to undersampling, on NVs side. The fix was to do the same undersampling NV was doing, bluring the lines between mip map layers. ATI was using the proper directx defined method, with a sharper texture, but the sharper texture was causing the shimmer. You can try this yourself but cranking up the quality on NV cards to max and it will get the same shimmer. There was a huge thread at B3D about it.
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