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Default Re: iOS 4.3.1 changes

Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
Yea I know I'm a little late but I just noticed today that Apple has an iOS update to 4.3.1. I noticed a couple changes on my ipod touch 4G. It fixed a graphical anomaly that would happen every once in a while.
My ipod and the wife's ipad2 also now seem to have little scroll bars appear when moving the screen around, may not be new but we never noticed them before. Also I think it is resizing web sites better on my ipod or that may be my imagination.

Anyone know of any other bug fixes? I know there was an official announcement out but they didn't tell you much besides the ipod grpahical error fix. The reason I am asking is because the ipad2 sometimes has the camera lock up after shooting video and the only way to correct it is to reboot it. I see others on the net having the same issue and I'm wondering if this update may have addressed that problem.
Nothing that extreme from what I have noticed.

4.3.1 was mainly to address the battery operations which failed in 4.3
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