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Unhappy missing installer?

I've got a Verto GeForce FX 2500 graphics card, and I'm running Fedora Linux on my PC (if any of that helps).

The problem I'm having is that I the only drivers I can find on the NVIDIA site (in the linux AMD64 section) are tarballs. I can't find the installer or any rpms. I ignorantly tried posting a similar message in the NVIDIA Graphics Cards section (and immediatley got reprimanded for it) and one guy said that I need to "rpm that sucker or compile it yourself"...If I even need to do that, I have no clue how.

Could someone tell me where to get the NVIDIA installer or rpm or tell me how to "rpm that sucker" if nessesary?

I apreciate any help anyone can give me.

God bless!

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