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Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
I am still dissapointed in both cards ,why could'nt they add a extra 8 pin power plug ,so that it would have plenty of power ,most people who can aford a GTX 590 or a HD 6990 already have a power supply with three 8 pin PCIe power plugs.They already new the spec's were going to be over the limmit any way.Plus they know people are going to what to over clock it to get the most out of it since two GTX 570's in SLI is faster and cost less. I will just stick with my three GTX 470's even tho I would love to have just one card like the GTX 590 but only if it had enough power to really run it all out.And as of cooling it, they could have made it three slots with two fans over it .Just my opinion.
My 570s are on the shelf, because I ran into a few games where the 1.25GB framebuffer was a limitation at 57X10. I also don't think it would take much of an OC to put a 590 dead even or faster than a GTX570SLi set across the board, but of course 570s can be OCd as well

The few benches I've done with my 590 put it even with my GTX480 Sli set at 57X10.

The GTX480s and 590 have not had an issue, or the 2GB GTX560s. I think 1.5GB is to be preferred for 1080P multi monitor. (and that 3GB is for 75X16)
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