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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by sammy sung View Post
Yea i know but in all honesty this thread has lost all sense of proportion and has run it's course imo. Everyone said that this card could never deliver true 580 sli power and still draw anything close to the wattage the 6990 does, that it would have to be massively downclocked etc . Guess what, it is. Granted, it's unfortunate that some cards have died but a LOT of 8800 GTX's were faulty and died aswell but that didn't get the same kind of negativity surrounding it because of how great that card performed. Double standards ? Hell yes
I think this thread has run it's course too.

Both cards are beasts, but both also have their issues. Personally I would go for the more powerful card strictly for the fact that I wouldn't even consider buying one without good aftermarket cooling being available at the time of or shortly after purchase, just like I did with my 480, which hasn't dissapointed yet in spite of all the negative press the card got on release.
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