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[quote]Originally posted by Sir_Brizz

I heard rumors that having over 1gb of ram ruins it sometimes? I tried removing ram, and same problem.

I can't believe that no one else has seen this before, someone must have solved it? This is the same problem I was having in RH9, which was why I moved to SuSE in the first place. I had the video drivers working in 2.4.20-144 without my nf2 mcp net driver working, and once I got that driver working the video quit... :shake:

ram doesnt make any different just make sure you build your kernel with high mem support.. the nvidia drivers worked great it my dual socket a tyan tiger mpx with 2 Gigs. you need to custom compile your own kernel that would be best. chances the stock kernel are missing options that you need like high mem support.
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