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Yea I originally thinking of doing Untangle + PFSense and have PFSense be the perimeter firewall then use untangle in bridged mode. After installing untangle I was really put off with the layout of the Web interface. I like to know exactly what each thing is doing and the way it was presented in Untangle wasn't what I was looking for.

What I don't like about it is that it just shows the modules and really doesn't provide any info. You can see that it's allowing or blocking traffic, but you don't know what is being blocked. If you can change the "rack" layout to show 2 or 3 important modules that show data that would be a lot more useful to me.

PFsense can do everything that is listed under Untangles Lite Package, which most of those things in the base installation. One thing that I do like about untangle is the Reporting. It seems like they have a much more clear view of their logs.

After looking through those it does make me want to attempt installing it again in bridge mode to see if I can use the logging from it. What I would do is just change the lan IP on my PFSense box to another network and Put the WAN interface of Untangle on that subnet. Then put the LAN interface of Untangle on the old IP of my LANs gateway. So if I had as PFsense's LAN IP I would to this:

PFSense LAN:
Untangle WAN:
Untangle LAN:

I could easily run Untangle in a virtual machine since I already have a firewall in place. I would just need to plug PFsense directly into the virtual server and then use a 2nd nic configured for the LAN.
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