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Default Re: Whats your quadrant/linpack scores?

I'm not trying to intentionally rain on anyone's parade but those benchmarks are very skewed.

Quadrant is heavily affected by I/O access and phones (like mine) with data-unfriendly mods like no journaling score abnormally high.

Linpack uses an instruction that is specifically implemented in the qualcomm snapdragon chip. Hence the reason why any HTC phone beats any moto or Samsung phone, yet the Droid X and newer along with the whole SGS lineup perform better in general than.

Gaming benchmarks are kind of stupid too because at this point all the HTC devices are so slow that it isn't even close to a good judge of the phones performance. They feel better in Android than they do in 3d games and seeing Nenamark scores definitely make them seem worse than they really are.

I really think so far Smartbench 2010/2011 has been about the best one I could find for being a real representation of a phone's power vs other phones.
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