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Angry [EDIT: DO NOT BUY OPTIMUS ENABLED CARDS](260.19.44 or 270.30) GT525M 8.2RELEASE fails

[Edit: See original problem below]

after user adam asked if it was optimus enabled card ... I glanced over at the linux forums and stumbled upon (2) threads outlining/detailing NVIDIA's lack of support for Optimus on Linux ... which means *of course* ... FreeBSD is SOL ... is really sh*tty b/c I've purchased 14 laptops over the 7 years and ALL of them ALWAYS required an NVIDIA GPU (b/c of the FreeBSD support) ... guess that's a thing of the past now. .

So long from a long time supporter NVIDIA ... now to con Dell into taking this now PoS laptop back!

[original post]
Hi all,

Not sure if this is where this should be reported or if I can obtained assistance here.

I've been using NVIDIA cards on FreeBSD for ages now (which is why I continue to purchase NVIDIA) ... this is the first time I've ever had something like this occur.

Have a new DellXPSL502X with a GT525M nvidia card running 8.2 release.

Whether I load driver 260.19.44 or 270.30 ... as soon as I startx (or use kdm - or anything X related) ... the laptop immediately reboots to the bios screen.

I have confirmed that this is not an issue when using the VESA driver ... everything works fine (just not accelerated etc).

I've google'd a ton and haven't found anyone reporting this issue or any suggestions on things I could try to resolve/troubleshoot the issue.

Any assistance and/or direction would be greatly appreciated ... as this machine is too nice to continue to be a VESA paperwait. :/

Thanks in advance!

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