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Are you using an AMD64 chip?

I have not seen working RPMs for Fedora on amd64. You could possibly use one of the source RPMs from the two option sites in my sig, and exchange the source code for the 64 tarballs.. however there will probably be some other changes to make. You could ask one of these packagers to provide a src rpm that includes the amd64 tarball, but they may not have a machine to build the binary rpm on.

Alternatively, you could build the driver from source, using the tarball as described in the readme for x86 machines (the amd64 readme isn't available AFAIK, but the process is identical). Building software from source code is no different in this case, as in others, so if you read up on how to work with tarballs and Makefiles a little bit from other sources you'll be able to move right across.

Also note, you'll need to edit config files as described in the x86 readme in either case, RPMs or not you need to check that this file is properly configured to use the new driver.
This is the driver page of interest, note that the README is generic across both AMD64 and IA64, so it is there I was mistaken.
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nVIDIA video driver RPMs for Fedora :: see yum repo at

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