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Default Re: Official Call of Duty Black Ops Feedback Thread

New details regarding the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack have been revealed, via GAME Australiaís website. Itís difficult to garner too much info, but the pack in question is called ĎEscalationí and looks to feature a new Zombies map, in addition to the new multiplayer arenas.

Once again, itís tough to gather any real concrete info from this reveal, but a mapÖ in a zoo? Thatís bound to beÖ interesting. From the wording it also looks as though each map has been designed around specific objective based game types.
The date on the advertisement is May 3, but weíre unsure whether thatís just the date the expansion will go on sale at retail, or whether thatís the date itíll go onsale digitally as well.
The original link is now dead but i saw this on

So less than a month after First Strike a new map pack is revealed, me beginning to think we will never see mod tools, not like it matters because its already way too late in the game for it now.

I wonder if Convoy will be the same map as from cod4
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