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Default Re: Whats your quadrant/linpack scores?

Originally Posted by -=DVS=- View Post
I/O is not the only thing that bloats up the score ,after JIT got introduced Snapdragon cpu gets high scores but doesn't translate to real world experience except JIT related benefits, gotta use advanced version of this benchmark to see whats up.

My Captivate (Samsung Galaxy S) with EXT4 filesystem, that is green I/O zone.

I/O is what bloats Quadrant. That's why yours is so much higher running a modified file-system. Stick it back to RFS (Samsung's stock filesystem) and you'll see way worse results.

That's the same reason I can top 2400 quadrant with my Samsung Epic on EXT4 with absolutely no journaling (i.e. - I drop it, battery pops out, my filesystem has a good chance of being toast) .... It's flawed and not accurate.

Moving on to Linpack, like I said, gets extremely bloated from JIT and specific architectures. Without a doubt Snapdragon processors always beat other processors, that's because it's well optimized. Owning a captivate I'm sure you'd agree that our low Linpack scores (9-14 MFLOPS) is not representative of real world performance... Taken from the ROM thread on XDA for the one I'm using.... I'm too lazy to upload my own. I know you can't read it but that's a 2400 Quadrant score, notice all the green?

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