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Default Monitor-out on 9300M flickering

Recently (haven't changed driver version, using the beta drivers (270.30, oh wait that's the official release as well)) almost all the external monitors I've connected to have pretty bad flickering. The image is still clearly seen, but there's horizontal lines of lower/higher intensity flickering up and down at a very fast rate. On one older Dell monitor this isn't as noticeable, but so far all other monitors I've tried with (HP/Philips/CMV) have this problem.

Its mainly happening on gray/brownish backgrounds, with pure black/white backgrounds its not really noticeable. The same monitors do not show problems on any other machine's video-out.

This problem does not occur with the built-in screen.

Please advise what the possible problem could be, or at least how I may further investigate. Changing horizsync/vertrefresh does not improve the situation (using factory default values from monitor specs).

EDIT: Tested by booting to windows, initially the same effect but it went away after an hour of so. Booted back to linux and the problem returns....

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