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Default NVIDIA - Petition for SGSSAA without blur and LOD adjustment@DX10/11

In the nVidia forums there is a petition thread regarding:
  • SGSSAA without blur (unfortunately, Nvidias SGSSAA can blur quite nastily. This can be alleviated by changing the AA compatibility bits, but that doesn't always work. And it's quite fiddly to find the right bits).

    Refer to this post here for image comparisons:
    Quite a difference...

  • LOD adjustment in DX10/11 apps/games.
    Without adjusting the LOD when using SGSSAA, the finer details on textures can get lost due to oversampling.

    Refer to this page for an image comparison (halfway down - the middle picture is without LOD adjustment, the right one is with LOD adjustment - right now ONLY possible in DX9 and below):,
    Again, a very pronounced difference.

The petition thread, that is closely monitored by Nvidias driver team, can be found here:
(SG)SSAA a bit blurry - NVIDIA Forums

The more people, that post there and lend their support, the higher the probability that Nvidia gives us a blur-free SGSSAA mode and LOD adjustment.

Please support this cause, so we can all enjoy near perfect image quality with our Geforces
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