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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by azanon View Post
I just started at the back page, but I think what is sad is that there's a discussion involving an ATI card on a nVidia forum in a thread entitled "GTX 590 Review thread". If nvnews isn't the place to be a nvidia fanboy, do you mind me asking you where the hell is the place? Where are the GTX 590 reviews? Are folks struggling understanding the topic of the thread?

Be glad I'm not a moderator. The ATI posts would disappear, and several folks would no longer have the ability to post. AFAIK, the folks with tri-ATI in their sig are lost.
I agree with some of this, but to discuss any card it's mainly relevant in terms of it's competition. The NVIDIA forums need input from ATi fans as much as the ATi forums need NVIDIA fans.

E.G. "Wowee! Only 70db for the 6990! Those ATi engineers know their stuff!" by itself has less meaning than "Hmmm, 70db for the 6990 and 60db for the 590?! Maybe the ATi guys should have scaled back a bit on performance for more reasonable accoustics, or maybe the NVIDIA guys should have scaled up some and had a bit noisier part."

I do notice the NVIDIA threads seem to contain more posts from ATi fans just flat out flaming NVIDIA parts than actual NVIDIA fans oftentimes, which is odd here.

On Rage3d they banned me because it was an ATi fan site, not because I'd violated TOS.
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