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Talking Re: Whats your quadrant/linpack scores?

I agree to disagree , yes there are many bad filesystem replacement alternatives , some of witch only bloat scores but don't translate to actual smoother operation of the phone.

However a proper one , from voodoo for our GalaxyS phones is flawless personally have Cognition 4.1.1 ROM , same battery life as stock rom but all the lag that comes from RFS is gone thanks to proper EXT4 implementation. Used several of them and there were problems with filesystem corruption but all that is gone in final EXT4 voodoo release.

As for quandrant its ok tool but you need advanced version to look at individual scores to judge the phone not combined total scores ,and as you said I/O can be cheated and misrepresent actual phone. Memory ,2D and 3D scores are good , you can see PowerVR SGX540 much faster compared to Adreno 200 in Nexus one and PowerVR SGX530 in Droid X.

And i agree with you on Linpack .
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