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Default Re: Unigine Heaven DX11 Benchmark

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
heaven is a gpu test.

True, but what if i told you that in 3Dmark 11, my setup can score the same in the physics test and combined rendering test as a 980x clocked at 6.2Ghz(yes, liquid nitrogen land.), and using 4 GTX580's running at 1250/2500 clocks...

Here's the highest result on 3Dmark 11's database, and pay attention to the physics and combined test results...

Here's my result, using CPU's clocked at 3.8 Ghz and only 3 GTX580's at 850/2100 clocks,usable day in and day out:

That's the power of 12 physical cores and 24 threads....
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