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Default Re: Blackberry Playbook

Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC View Post
I'm thinking about getting the Wi-Fi Xoom
I liked the Xoom a lot. I would root it though, not real crazy about the Motorola system they got in it.

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Can't say since I don't have a Xoom nor does AT&T carry them but for what I can remember when I did play with a Xoom the Playbook felt a lot smoother. I mean I was able to jump out of an app instantly and even run a game in a minimized window while continue to navigate the OS on the playbook without any hitching.
I did notice that as well. While the system was fast, the menus were sluggish, stuttering like. I think if it was rooted it would be a brilliant piece.

[/quote[All I can say is that the Playbook was the smoothest Tab experience I have had since the iPad and considering that it will run Blackberry and Android apps without an issue it will be the Tab to have if you want a 7" form factor one.[/quote]
If they make a larger one then I might look into it.
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