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Default Re: [270.18] Overclocking is _still_ broken for 8xxx (probably 9xxx too) class GPUs

+1 drhirsch

Many people don't use linux for gaming, but many do use linux for CUDA applications. It would be nice to use an Nvidia tool rather than having to use a third party tool to re-flash my card and void the warranty. If this company cannot provide the software, what good is buying a decent graphics card? This goes for everything, CUDA, opengl, vdpau and any graphics accelerated feature. Might as well have got an integrated intel graphics chip at this rate.....

I do a bit of gaming on linux so fast graphics are nice, but with the constant issues of using anything graphical with nvidia, I am almost ready to throw in the towel with graphics in linux. Like projectM which I like to use often when listening to music, especially when entertaining friends. Constant crashes and XID's this and EQ overflowing that is really beginning to make me question why I use these products in the first place.

Especially with more and more users realizing Windows and Mac are not worth the money you pay for their products, once people learn the capabilities of their new OS (Linux), they would at least like to know that their money was not wasted when they purchased the video hardware. I switch people to Ubuntu all of the time and many times the issue is the graphics adapter. Just sad to see how little these multi-million dollar corporations care about open source users.
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