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Default Re: [270.18] Overclocking is _still_ broken for 8xxx (probably 9xxx too) class GPUs

Originally Posted by Deanjo View Post
Then you should be concentrating on getting powermizer fixed instead of asking to fix a workaround.
On my class of GPUs (8800GT to be precise) powermizer doesn't work not because it's broken or buggy, it's because these GPUs don't have power profiles at all.

I tried adding power profiles manually via editing BIOS with NiBiTor but that didn't have any effect so I reverted back to my original BIOS. I'm not an NVIDIA engineer and I have no idea who to ask how to properly enable power profiles. I tried copying the settings which I extracted from a 9800M BIOS but it seems like that wasn't enough. And, yes, I had adjusted 9800M clocks/voltages for my GPU anticipating your further questions and doubts.

Oh, and one more thing I forgot to mention - I need to reclock back my GPU when I want to use VDPAU. At 160MHz core 8800GT GPU doesn't have enough juice to decode even 720p H.264 streams - I get framedrops. At nominals speeds my GPU handles 1080p video clips without any problems.
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