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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Just compiled some data on GTX590 25X16 performance as compared to a 6990:

Battleforge 25X16 4X AA GTX590 99.6fps HD6990 99.6fps - 590 ties

HAWX 2 25X16 4X AA GTX590 179fps HD6990 167fps 590 wins

Civilization V 25X16 4X AA GTX590 70fps HD6990 55fps 590 wins

Dirt 2 25X16 4XAA GTX590 112fps HD6990 94fps 590 wins

Mass Effect 2 25X16 4X AA GTX590 104fps HD6990 91fps GTX590 wins

Wolfenstein 25X16 4XAA GTX590 102fps HD6990 101fps GTX590 wins

FarCry 2 25X16 8XAA GTX590 102fps HD6990 102fps GTX590 ties

Resident Evil 5 25X16 4XAA GTX590 111fps HD6990 77fps GTX590 wins

Borderlands 25X16 8XAA GTX590 46fps HD6990 40fps GTX590 wins

Grand Theft Auto 4 25X16 GTX590 49fps HD6990 45fps GTX590 wins

Metro 2033 25X16 AAA GTX590 27fps HD6990 27fps GTX590 ties

Lost Planet 2 25X16 4X AA GTX590 48fps HD6990 41fps GTX590 wins

StarCraft 2 25X16 8XAA GTX590 49fps HD6990 15fps GTX590 wins

Crysis 2 Beta 25X16 GTX590 54fps HD6990 30fps GTX590 wins

The rumors about the GX590 only winning at 1080P are obviously false, here are 14 games it won or tied in recent reviews at 25X16.

Which is not to say I couldn't find 14 benchmarks where the HD6990 wins at 25X16, but the point is the performance between the HD6990 and GTX590 is largely similar.

Besides offering similar performance the 590 is much quieter, has PhysX, has 3d Vision, and 3d Vision Surround capability.
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