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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by azanon View Post
I just started at the back page, but I think what is sad is that there's a discussion involving an ATI card on a nVidia forum in a thread entitled "GTX 590 Review thread". If nvnews isn't the place to be a nvidia fanboy, do you mind me asking you where the hell is the place? Where are the GTX 590 reviews? Are folks struggling understanding the topic of the thread?

Be glad I'm not a moderator. The ATI posts would disappear, and several folks would no longer have the ability to post. AFAIK, the folks with tri-ATI in their sig are lost.
This industry is driven by one thing: competition. If you take one side out of the equation, you lose that competition, and thus, this industry grinds to a screeching halt.

If anyone here is showing bias, it's you. There, I said it. This thread is about GTX 590 reviews. We understand that. Do you realize that the GTX 590's direct competion is the HD 6990? The logical conclusion here is that we would COMPARE the two cards. Each card has a set of pros and cons. They've been listed over and over and over again, so there's really no point in reiterating them. There are several nvidia fanboys on this forum. I accept that. What I CAN'T accept is people that play blind bias to a certain side without any rhyme or reason as to why they're doing it. They simply say their side is "better" than the other side.

That doesn't fly with me. I like to think of things logically. I like to create comparison charts that compare competing products to one another. When one product is clearly superior to the other, I recommend the superior product. Thus, I do not have any sort of bias towards one side or another. I simply take the side of the "best" product. What's my criteria for the "best"?
  • Performance
  • Power consumption
  • Feature set
  • Acoustics of the cooling solution.
  • Price

Notice how I have "Price" bolded. That's because it's the most important aspect in my criteria. A video card can be insanely fast, but if it isn't priced to compete, then I'm not going to recommend it if there's another product that gets close to the same performance without the huge price premium. Also, if that card runs so loud and hot that it makes the person go deaf while sweating in a wife beater, I'm not going to recommend that either. If there's a card that requires a small nuclear reactor to run, but it's only a small percentage faster than the competing card, I'm going to recommend the one that uses less power. If there's a card that outperforms the competition and it costs the same, I'm going to recommend the card that performs the best.

What's the point of this post? It's simple. I'm glad you're not a moderator on these forums. If you were, we wouldn't have the freedom to express our opinions on a product, and ultimately, this forum would die. There is a list of GTX 590 reviews in the very first post of this thread (which was made by yours truly. ) Feel free to read them and express your opinion on this wonderful product from Nvidia.

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