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Default Re: 3 Cards under Ubuntu 10.10

I swapped out some hardware to see if the load issues were related to the onboard graphics card. Still getting high load from /usr/bin/X with the new hardware. This may be related to my installation and I will be attempting a fresh installation tonight on the new hardware:

MSI P5N Platinum 775
Core 2 duo 6200
4GB DDR2 800
Quadro 1400 128MB Pci-e in slot 1
Geforce 7150 LE 128MB Pci-e in slot 2
Geforce 6200 256MB PCI

Monitors connected to each card:
Quadro 1400 - Samsung 24" lcd 1900x1200 - Dell 15in LCD 1024x768
Geforce 7150 - Asus 24" lcd 1900x1080 - Viewsonic 15in LCD 1024x768
Geforce 6200 - Asus 24" lcd 1900x1080 - Viewsonic 15in LCD 1024x768

Monitor configuration as viewed on the desk 3 24's on bottom and 15's are above each 24":

Viewsonic Dell Viewsonic
Asus Samsung Asus

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