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Default Overscan and HDMI audio questions

I am extremely new to linux but I wanted to build my HTPC using it since it was way more cost efficient then buying Windows 7 for it. I currently have a Geforce GT 430 video card and it is running Ubuntu 10.10. I am using in my HTPC that I have hooked up using HDMI.

I figured out where the slider for changing the overscan was located and have set it to the position that I like so that I can see all of my desktop on my HD TV. What happens now is when the computer gets restarted the overscan is back to its default setting untill I open the Nvidia X Config program and then the costume overscan setting that I set just changes back. I was hoping that their was a way for it to remember my setting without having to start the Nvidia X Config to get my setting back the way I set it.

My second problem is that I do not have audio going out the the Geforce GT 430 using HDMI. I have tried to read and understand the stick on Linux HDMI Audio but am having difficulty with it since my knowledge of Linux is very limited. I have also looked on the internet and found some information about having to black list some files in modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and I tried that with a restart and that did not help either. In the HDMI audio guide it said to try and upgrade my Alsa and I ran the the Ubuntu steps for that since that is the destro I am using but nothing has worked so far.

If you can tell me what information you need to help with my problems I will gladly try to get it for you to try and get these issues resolved. Thanks to anybody that can try to answer these questions.
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